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Style story

Jill Lansky

Get to know Jill Lansky,
founder of the style and beauty blog
The August Diaries.

Describe your style in three words.

Simple, effortless, slightly tomboy-ish.

When it comes to style,
what’s most important for you?

Comfort and effortlessness.
I like to look stylish, but not like I tried too much.

What places, or things regularly
inspire you in Toronto?

I love the energy and ambition in Toronto.
There's always so much going on! I also love the little neighborhoods all around the city.

Do you have a style/lifestyle muse?

I don't have one person in particular,
but I love the European style and lifestyle attitude - it's all about
looking and feeling good without compromising comfort or enjoyment.

Why do you like your BonLook glasses?

They are stylish, affordable and very on trend.
Instead of shelling out for a pair of designer glasses,
I can have 2-3 pairs of Bonlooks.
I also love that they're a Canadian company!